Can users preview the submission summary before sending the form?

Yes, users can preview a summary of their form submission before sending the form. This is especially useful with order forms. Customers can review the order summary and go back to make changes, if needed.

To enable the submission summary, go to SettingsAdvanced and tick the option Allow respondents to preview the submission summary before sending the form.

Preview Submission Summary

The submit button will be replaced with a preview button, labeled Preview Submission. The actual submit button will be moved on the next page.

Review and Confirm Form Submission

The preview page is read-only. Users can check whether the information they provided is correct and confirm by sending the form. If they want to change something, they simply need to click Go Back and return to the edit mode.

Preview Order Submission

In the case of multipage forms, a single preview page will contain all form fields, from all pages.

The preview page helps form users get a clear picture of the content they are sending, and decide whether everything is good or whether corrections should be made. This doesn’t leave room for subsequent doubts and contributes beautifully to the overall user experience.

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