Form Layout

Form Layout

With the 123ContactForm online form builder you have total control over the layout of your web forms and surveys.

The Form Layout panel is available at the page top. Here, you can specify your form’s width and encoding, choose whether it is displayed in one or two columns and position labels (field titles) and instructions.


If you want to change the form’s width, simply drag the bar for Form Width to the size you need. You can also drag the bar with the arrow keys of your keyboard.


  1. Mike Mason says:

    I am in the process of designing a new website and the form that I have designed for the Contact page using 123 Contact Form is too long from top to bottom. I need to make the fields less pixels high, and maybe the the font smaller as well. Ideally and aestetically it should line up with the google map in the cell to its left. Can you assist with this please?

    • vlad says:

      Hello Mike.

      The field height and the height of the form itself are set automatically. To make further changes would require using custom CSS code, which you can add in the Settings -> Themes section.

      If you need any assistance, please contact our Support team at, or, through our contact form.


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