Form Options

Form Options

Each of your web forms is listed here with its specific form options:

Form Options

  • Edit – form editor
  • View – preview your form in a new window/tab
  • Settings – form related settings like notifications and rules
  • Get Code & Publish – get the code for your form
  • Submissions – online repository of your form entries
  • Reports – charts & graphs section
  • Active – activate or disable your form
  • Rename – change the form name
  • Duplicate – create a copy of your form
  • Delete – erase your form (cannot be undone)


  1. tawfig says:

    How can I add a back button on the form?

    • vlad says:


      When adding a Page Break field the form will automatically display a Next page and Previous page button. You can find the Page Break field under the Other Fields section of the editor.

      If you have any other questions, please contact our Support team at, or, through our contact form.


  2. Nicholas says:


    Kindly advise, I created asurvey form at when filled it and hie a send button, it does not respond.

    kindly assist.


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