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Google Sites

To add a form to you Google Sites page, go to PublishGoogle Sites and spot the link generated for your form.

Google Sites Form

Access your Google Sites page and press Edit page (top right corner). Then select Insert in the horizontal menu (top left corner) and choose More gadgets. Press Add gadgets by URL in the left panel. Paste your form URL (generated in the PublishGoogle Sites section) in the provided box and press Add.
Google Sites Form HTML Form on Google Sites
The next step concerns customizing display settings. Choose the width of the gadget that will contain your form (percentual or in pixels) and set its height. It is important to set a large height size (at least 800 pixels).Set other available options and press OK. Finally, press Save in your main view.

Publish form on Google Sites

The web form will not be visible in the editor, but in regular view mode. Press Save on the top right side and you’ll see the form on the web page after refresh. You can now share your web page with others and collect the leads or contacts you need.


  1. Stuart says:

    Hello there,

    I have been using a contact form for some time in my google site but noticed today that for some reason the form no longer appears & the box where the form normally is, is just white?

    I wondered whether you could advise me on what may have happened or whether it maybe a problem with google sites.

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