How can I delete a form?

How can I delete a form?

To delete a form, go to My Forms and click on the red trash bin icon on the form that you want to have removed. When you are prompted to confirm deletion, click Delete.

If you are using a paid plan account, we can recover any of your deleted forms within a 30 day period. Simply contact our support specialists and provide them the needed information regarding your username and the form’s ID or name.

123ContactForm how to delete a form


  1. stanley Richardson says:

    Is it possible to retrieve a deleted form. I accidently remove the wrong forms.

    • Hello Stanley!

      Forms can be recovered on paid plans only, within a 30 day period from the day they have been deleted. If you are using a paid plan, contact our support specialists at or via our contact form to recover your form. Make sure you provide your account information (such as username and the plan you are on), the form’s name or ID and if the form was added to a group.


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