What is smart Captcha?
August 21, 2012
How do I remove the verification number?
August 21, 2012

In some browsers, the verification code, even if typed in correctly, is not accepted. To solve this, make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. If they’re not, enable them. Type in the verification code again and submit the form.If cookies were already enabled in your browser, delete them (Delete cookies), type in the verification number and submit the form.

verification number doesn't work

To avoid using cookies, set the CAPTCHA protection to Daily Changed CAPTCHA.

the form doesn't accept the correct verification number

To avoid cookies completely, set the CAPTCHA protection to None and protect the form by limiting the number of submissions received from an IP address to 1 or 2 per day. This way, you’re form will not be spammed and the verification image will not be required anymore.


  1. Hanne says:

    I’m using Firefox. Captcha imagae load fine, showing I’m online, but then a page at google says I’m off-line, and captcha verification fails.

    • Hello Hanne!

      I apologize for replying this late to your comment. Please contact our support specialists here with details on the issue you are having. Let us know about the Firefox version that you are using, because it could prove useful for our investigation.


  2. Gregory says:

    I totally disabled CAPTCHA, but some people have a problem with downloading files. How can this be avoided? information about the browser and the operating system does not have. Thanks!

    https://yadi.sk/d/VHabdew5gZVYs Screen

  3. mike kenyon says:

    What is a verification #?

  4. janet loffer says:

    I couldn’t put in a verification number because I don’t have one.

  5. Charlene Smiley says:

    verification code not accepted

  6. Charlene Smiley says:

    having trouble with verification being accepted

  7. donald little says:

    this form only works sometimes,, bad for my business,

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