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June 3, 2013
How to set up custom fields for SalesForce?
June 17, 2013

I’m having trouble sharing the link to my web page on Facebook/LinkedIn. What to do?

Case scenario: You have embedded your form on a web page using the Iframe publishing option. You are trying to share the link to that web page on Facebook or LinkedIn. When you paste the link on your Facebook/LinkedIn page, the text that comes up is: Your browser does not support iframes. The contact form cannot be displayed. Naturally, this is not the content that you want to have picked up as the blurb.

Solution: What you need to do is use the Javascript publishing option instead of the Iframe option. Go to the Get Code & Publish (Publish Form) section of your form, select the tab Embed Code on the left side of the page and copy the code that the Javascript option provides. Paste it on your web page. Now try to share the link again. You’ll see that the text referring to iframes does not appear anymore.

use javascript code to embed web forms

If you don’t have much textual content on your page, add the blurb that Facebook/LinkedIn should pick up in the meta description tag of your web page.

If you want Facebook/LinkedIn to also pick up an image, then add one on your page. Make sure to provide its source in an <img> tag, not as the background image for another element.

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