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August 16, 2012
August 16, 2012


You may link to a lightbox form through text links, image links or floating buttons. When published in lightboxes, forms will appear to be floating above the page and will definitely become the center of attention.

Publish form in lightbox

  • Lightbox – text link. This code will create a link with a text on your webpage which will popup the form once it’s clicked. Click on Customize text to change the text of the link.
  • Lightbox – image link. This code will create an image as shown in the example of the PublishLightbox section. Click on Customize image to upload another image via an URL.
  • Lightbox – floating button. Use this code to add a floating button with a text on your webpage. Click on Customize button to adjust the text, font style and color of the button.
  • Lightbox – auto popup. This option will auto popup the form on your webpage after a number of seconds you have set in Customize settings. By default, it pops up after 3 seconds.

Publish form in lightbox

If you want to publish your form in a lightbox on Blogger, you’ll need to publish the post in order to see how your form interacts on the page. None of the lightbox options above work in the preview mode of your Blogger post.

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