Step by step guide on PayPal Pro integration

PayPal Payments Pro allows you to accept payments directly on your PayPal Payments Pro Integration

1. Go to SettingsPayments in your 123ContactForm account. In the Payment processors section, click on the Payment gateway dropdown, select Paypal Pro and hit Add payment gateway. Verify that this payment method is enabled in the top right corner of the payment integration box.

2. Provide your PayPal Pro API Username, API Password and API Signature. Tick the option Use recurrent payment if you want to charge your clients on a regular basis after submission and even the number of cycles the billing occurs.

3. Tick the checkbox Enable payments for this form at page top and you’re set.

The PayPal Pro integration is now set up for your form. Here is further information that will help you use PayPal Pro as a payment processor.

  • Where to find your PayPal Pro API credentials? In your PayPal account, go to My AccountProfileMy Selling Tools and click on Update from API Access. Click Request API Credentials on the API page and select Request API signature. In the end, press Agree and Submit.
  • PayPal Pro payments can be recurrent. Select your preferred recurrence in the SettingsMerchant Setup section and a recurring payment will be initiated.
  • When users click Purchase at the bottom of the form, the next form page shows them the credit card information fields. Once these are filled in, users arrive at the regular Thank You page of your form.

Note: You’ll need to make sure you have paid the monthly fee of $30 for your PayPal Payments Pro account. If the fee has not been paid, you won’t be able to use the PayPal Pro payment processor on your order form in 123ContactForm.


I can’t see the following in my paypal business account.
Where to find your PayPal Pro API credentials? In your PayPal account, go to Profile → API Access → Account Information. Click Request API Credentials → My selling preferences → Update for the API Access item. Submit the API Credential Request form.

Please talk with me once my skyp ID is: ganesh.gothi

Please help me I have tried a lot for setup Paypal Payment Pro in my website.

December 06, 2014 02:04
    Olivian Stoica

    Hello Aswin!

    We have just updated the documentation above and you should find your API credentials explained at step 3. For more questions or need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form.


    December 08, 2014 09:20

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