Add users

The main Users page lists all the subaccounts belonging to your master account. Note: Subusers are available for any paid plan. All that you need to do in order to add one is to buy another subscription.

To create a new subaccount, click on New User. Type in the new user’s Name and Email, create a new Company Name or assign the user to an existing one and press Save. 123ContactForm sends an email to new users, letting them know what their login data is. We generate an account password for the subuser, which is shared with the subaccount owner only.

Subaccounts and Subusers

You can create two types of users: standard users and administrators. Administrators can be granted with privileges similar to the master account.
To allow an administrator to manage other users, tick the option can manage other users in the Edit User/Add User lightbox. If this option is not checked, administrators will not have access to the Users section.
You can also allow administrators to manage groups. Tick the option can manage groups and the respective administrator subuser will be able to view the forms in the groups they are located.

How many users can I create on my master account?

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