What is the Reference ID?

Reference ID is a very effective way of tracking form submissions (sent and received emails) concerning a particular subject. If this feature is activated, the subject of the email you receive will contain a unique identifier, based on the time stamp, e.g.: Ref: ABC-1206090399.

123ContactForm Reference ID

ABC, or ABC-123 (as in the screen above), is the code that you type in the Reference ID box in the SettingsNotificationsForm Owner (You) section. It is common for all form submissions. 1206090399 is a unique number.

Reference ID has two major advantages:

  1. Each form submission has a unique identifier.
  2. You can track the communication related to a certain subject. Filter your emails by the common code.
Debashish Saha

how to post an ad and how to get the ad reference no.

January 10, 2017 03:01


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