Gain value through efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and accelerate productivity gains through analysis and optimization of granular processes across all major departments.

Enterprise Cloud

Optimize internal and external processes using advanced custom forms. Save time and increase efficiency by automating time-consuming manual processes into custom workflows.

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Compliance Cloud

Achieve compliance with less effort. Meet regulatory requirements with accurate data collection and management using our Compliance Cloud Solution.

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Technology Cloud

No need to build your own data collection layer on top of other systems. Use our Technology Cloud to create flexible custom integrations that are efficient and updated frequently.

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We treat our clients like partners, working with them to understand their needs and improving our products based on feedback. Here are some of the partners that trust us with their data.


All types of enterprises and institutions need to deal with complex organizational structures and large amounts of data. Efficient data collection, curation and communication can help companies grow fast.


Manufacturing is complicated, with many moving parts. It requires precise alignment between operations, logistics, production and more. To increase production volume, companies need to improve efficiency by collecting and communicating the right information at the right time.


Teaching and learning are mutually beneficial pursuits. The key word in today's approach to nurturing young minds is collaboration. Fast feedback and tailored information unlock educational breakthroughs.


In the United States, patients’ private health-related information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Healthcare institutions can streamline data-gathering in line with HIPAA requirements access efficient, secure and reliable data.


A large multinational manufacturing company with over 20,000 employees transitioned from manually processing paper order forms to a more efficient, fully digital solution.



Healthcare organizations need a HIPAA-compliant data-gathering solution to receive, store and transfer Protected Health Information (PHI) securely, in line with legislation.


Government, DC Fire

Employees of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department needed a way to digitize workflows, generate reports and provide an easily accessible way to manage data.