FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

123ContactForm is an online web form builder that any person can use to create user-friendly and professional web forms, surveys, quizzes and polls. No programming skills are required. Users just drag and drop the fields that they need to the form layout, customize settings and publish the form within minutes.

  1. What is the verification number?
    123ContactForm web forms use CAPTCHA images to differentiate between humans and machines. Read more

  2. Is this service free?
    This service is free for Basic users. You may want to upgrade to a Premium plan, which offers many cool additional features. Read more

  3. Can I change my account information?
    Yes. Visit your My Account -> Change Account Details section. To change your username, you will have to contact us. Read more

  4. Can I set emails to display my own timezone?
    Yes. Go to My Account -> Change Account Details to select your own timezone. Read more

  5. How many forms can I create?
    Basic users can create 5 forms and Gold users - 20. Platinum users do not have a limitation. Read more

  6. Can I use the service only for creating contact forms?
    No. You can create any type of HTML / PHP form, as long as it conforms to legal regulations. Read more

  7. Can I make the form look like my site?
    Sure. 123ContactForm web forms are highly customizable in terms of appearance. Read more

  8. How to add my logo to the form?
    Visit your Themes section and upload or provide the URL of your logo. Read more

  9. Does the form editor have real-time preview?
    Yes. You can view all changes made to your form in real time. Read more

  10. Do you offer form validation?
    Yes. You will only be receiving the information that you ask for. Read more

  11. Can my visitors upload files using my contact form?
    Yes, they can upload almost any type of file. Use the File Upload form field. Read more

  12. What is the Reference ID?
    Reference ID will help you track submissions. It is a unique identifier associated with received submissions. Read more

  13. Can I take form submitters to a page on my website after they have filled the form?
    Yes. Provide the URL of your website in the Notification -> Confirmation Settings section. Read more

  14. Can I use multiple recipients for a form?
    Yes, you can set several email addresses to receive form submissions. Read more

  15. What are custom recipients and how do I use them?
    Different email addresses can be set to receive specific submissions based on submitted content. Read more

  16. How can I add an autoresponder to my web form?
    Visit your Notifications section. You can create several autoresponders and switch between them based on submitted content. Read more

  17. Can I use my own CSS to make the form look like my site?
    Yes. You can either copy/paste the CSS code or provide the URL of your stylesheet. Read more

  18. How can I change the way a specific field of the form looks?
    The style of a specific form field can be changed using CSS. Learn about Full CSS Customization. Read more

  19. Do you store the messages that I receive?
    Only if you want us to. Form submissions are stored in our database and you can view them in your Submissions section. Read more

  20. Can I create a PayPal order form with 123ContactForm?
    Sure. You can easily integrate your forms with PayPal in the Payments section. Read more

  21. How can I add Google Checkout forms to my website?
    Google Checkout has been discontinued. We offer other payment processing alternatives, such as Braintree or Stripe. Read more

  22. Do your services have integrated anti-spam solutions?
    Yes. You can protect your web forms using CAPTCHA images, IP limitations or country filters. Read more

  23. I can't access my Facebook form. What to do?
    You will have to enable the 123ContactForm application for Facebook manually. Read more

  24. Can I create job application forms and collect resumes online?
    Yes. We provide a job application form template that will help you get started in a jiffy. Just copy it into your account, configure it as needed and share it anywhere online. Read more

If these answers did not clarify your questions, please take a look at the free form templates and the tutorials. Also, you can contact us for support. We usually answer within 24 hours. You are also welcome to send us all your opinions and suggestions about 123ContactForm.

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