Features Matrix

Our service plans are meant to suit all types of needs. If you need a few simple web forms, use the free Basic plan. For more complex needs, choose our Gold plan. The best deal is to sign up for the Platinum service plan and benefit from almost all 123ContactForm features. To take full advantage of our web form builder and have unlimited access to all features, sign up for the Diamond service plan. Keep in mind that we provide a 30-day money back guarantee!

We also provide a white label solution that is available on our Enterprise plan. If you are interested in having your own web form builder, please contact us to discuss further details and get a price estimate based on your needs








Forms 123ContactForm web forms 5 8 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Websites 123ContactForm web forms 1 Website 1 Website Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fields per form 123ContactForm form fields 10 30 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Submissions per month Contact form submissions 100 1000 5000 20,000 Custom 100,000
Users Form charts and reports 1 1 1 1 Custom 1
API Calls web form API Calls 100 per day 200 per day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Real-time form builder Real-time form builder
Mobile platform support Mobile forms and surveys
Form templates collection Free form templates
Form calculations form calculations
Internal technical support 123ContactForm free internal technical support
Multi-Factor Authentication Device No backlink to 123ContactForm
No backlink to 123ContactForm No backlink to 123ContactForm  
Custom favicon No backlink to 123ContactForm
Form Fields
Standard form fields Multi-page forms
Required vs. optional fields Required form fields
Field instructions Form field instructions
Multiple fields on a row Multiple fields on a row
Multi-page forms Multi-page forms
Compact forms Compact forms
Form grouping Form Grouping
Advanced address field Advanced address form field
Digital signature field Digital signature on forms
Terms of Service field Terms of Service field
Image field Image field
Google Maps field Google Maps integration
Likert scales Likert scales
Rating stars Star rating on forms
Social buttons Social buttons
Radio buttons with images Image field
Maximum number of choices Maximum number of choices
Limitation of selections per option Maximum selections per option
Limitation of input length/value Input length or value limitation
Reset button Reset button
Hidden fields Hidden form fields
Field validation Form field validation
Custom field validation Custom field validation  
Upload fields File upload fields  
Upload storage Uploaded files storage   100MB 500 MB 2 GB Custom 10 GB
HTML Blocks HTML and CSS blocks within online forms   2 (per form) 2 (per form) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Predefined form themes Predefined form themes
Custom form layout Change the form layout
Custom logo and branding Custom logo on web form
Full CSS customization CSS customization for web forms
Customized form themes Customize form appearance 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Publishing Options
Facebook integration Platform integration: Facebook
Twitter integration Platform integration: Twitter
Wordpress integration Platform integration: Wordpress
Wix integration Platform integration: Wix forms
Joomla integration Platform integration: Joomla
Drupal integration Platform integration: Drupal
HootSuite integration Platform integration: HootSuite
ExactTarget integration Platform integration: ExactTarget
Blogger integration Platform integration: Blogger
Unbounce integration Platform integration: Unbounce
Google Sites integration Platform integration: Google Sites
JavaScript publishing JavaScript form publishing
Iframe publishing JavaScript form publishing
HTML publishing JavaScript form publishing
Lightbox publishing Lightbox form publishing
Auto-popup lightbox publishing Lightbox form publishing
Form link publishing Form link publishing
Domain aliasing Domain aliasing    
Custom JS scripts Custom JS scripts    
Notifications & Messages
Notification emails Notification emails 13 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom thank-you page Custom thank-you page
Reference ID Assign reference IDs to submissions
Google Analytics tracking Google Analytics tracking
Custom notification emails Custom notification emails   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom email templates Custom email templates  
Custom autoresponders Custom autoresponders for web forms  
HTML autoresponders HTML autoresponders for web forms  
SMS notifications SMS notifications  
PDF notifications PDF notifications  
SMTP Payment confirmation  
Payment confirmation Payment confirmation    
3rd Party Apps
NationBuilder integration NationBuilder integration with online forms
Wix Contacts integration Wix contacts form integration
Adobe FormsCentral Import Tool Adobe FormsCentral Import Tool
Google Drive integration Google Drive integration with web forms  
MailChimp integration MailChimp integration with online surveys  
Dropbox integration Dropbox integration  
ExactTarget integration Web forms with ExactTarget integration    
Unbounce integration Web forms with Unbounce integration    
AWeber integration AWeber integration    
iContact integration MailChimp integration with online surveys    
GetResponse integration GetResponse integration    
Constant Contact integration Constant Contact integration    
Enormail integration Enormail integration    
Zoho CRM integration Zoho CRM integration    
Top Producer integration Top Producer integration    
PipelineDeals integration Pipeline Deals integration    
Google Calendar integration Google Calendar integration with web forms    
Evernote integration Evernote integration with web forms    
Smartsheet integration Smartsheet integration    
Zendesk integration Zendesk integration    
Google Groups integration Google Groups integration with contact forms    
Yahoo Groups integration Yahoo Groups integration with HTML forms    
Twitter tweet integration Platform integration: Facebook    
Campaign Monitor integration Campaign Monitor integration with online forms    
WordPress Posts integration WordPress Posts integration with online forms    
Big Contacts integration Big Contacts integration with online forms    
Active Campaign integration Active Campaign integration with online forms    
Desk.com integration Desk.com integration with online forms    
SalesForce integration SalesForce integration with online forms      
VerticalResponse integration VerticalResponse integration with web forms      
Marketo integration Marketo integration with web forms      
WebHooks integration WebHook integration with online forms      
Payment Integration
PayPal order forms PayPal order forms      
PayPal PayFlow order forms PayPal order forms      
PayPal Pro order forms PayPal order forms      
Authorize.net order forms Authorize.net payments      
Stripe order forms Sisow payments      
Braintree order forms Braintree payments      
PayFast order forms Integrate payment forms with PayFast.      
Sisow order forms Sisow payments      
Sage Pay order forms Sage Pay payments      
PayU order forms PayU payments      
FreshBooks order forms FreshBooks payments      
Square order forms Square payments      
Advanced price calculations Advanced price calculations      
Coupon codes Coupon code discount      
Recurring payments Recurring payments      
Multiple payment gateways on form multiple payment gateways      
Branching & Conditional Logic
Field rules Form field rules
Confirmation rules  1 3 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Form rules 
Advanced form branching 
Translations & Multilanguage Forms
Multilanguage forms Multi-language forms - Translations  
Translation of fields and instructions Multi-language forms - Translations
Translation of system messages Multi-language forms - Translations
Form Security
Antispam protection Antispam protection: CAPTCHA images
Country filter Country filter
IP limitation IP limitation
Custom field validation Form field validation  
Password protection Password protection for web forms  
SSL encryption SSL encryption for web form security      
Submissions & Reports
Submissions archive Form submissions archive
Export to CSV/Excel Export form submitted data to CSV/Excel
Print submissions Print submissions
Submissions limitation Submissions limitation
Charts and reports Form charts and reports 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Report filters Report filters   3 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Public charts and reports Public form charts and reports  
Approval of submissions Approval of submissions  
Save and resume submissions Save and Resume submissions  
Preview submissions Preview submissions  
User-made submission edits Submission edit by form user  
Owner-made submission edits Edit submissions  
Countdown timer countdown timer for quizzes  
Percentage calculations percentage quiz calculations  
Show results Show quiz results  
Free $4.95 / month
$47.88 / year
$ 19 / month
$ 190 / year
$ 39 / month
$ 390 / year
Get a quote $ 79 / month
$ 790 / year
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