Employee Thoughts and Concerns

Every submission received will be addressed on SharePoint. Regardless of whether the submission was received anonymously or not, no one will be named in the SharePoint communications.

If you are more comfortable submitting a paper form, please use the following fields as a template for your submission. A written or printed Employee Thoughts and Concerns form may be placed in the mail drop box in the DSU mailroom outside Stoxen Library in May Hall. Please deliver in a sealed envelope addressed to the “Employee Thoughts and Concerns Committee” or “Mailbox 35.” The submission will be placed in a separate mailbox that will be checked on a weekly basis by a designated member of the Employee Thoughts and Concerns Committee.

As you are submitting this form anonymously, please be as detailed as possible in the following fields, as follow-up and/or clarifying questions will not be able to be asked.

Upon receipt of submissions, the Employee Thoughts & Concerns Committee will convene to review the contents. The committee, comprised of DSU staff senate and DSU faculty senate members, will make a concerted effort to address each submission in a timely manner. 

Once the committee has made an initial review of a submission, they will enter a summation of the thought or concern on the DSU Shared SharePoint site in a corresponding folder. As the matter is investigated, updates will be provided as to the status of its review including any and all resolutions. 

Every submission received will be addressed on SharePoint. Use the following breadcrumbs to keep track of your submission: DSU Shared SharePoint site> Quick Links> Employee Thoughts & Concerns.