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Apostille and Notary Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a very diverse and highly industrialized city. There are tons of businesses and transactions that occur each and every second of the day. With this, it is not very surprising then that there are also tons of documents that need to be notarized or certified or need to have a valid and binding effect in Los Angeles and even outside the state. When you have a document, you need the same to be notarized by authorized persons in order for it to be binding even against third persons. So what is notary and authentication? What is apostille? Are there are authentication services in Los Angeles?
The answer to all your queries can be very confusing. Nevertheless, we will give help shed light on such matter. Firstly, notary and authentication are only two processes wherein authorized persons have the power to give a document a valid and binding effect. A notarial act may include certification and authentication of documents to attest to the genuineness and due execution of the said document. There is a need for certification or authentication of documents especially those used for transactions with your business partners, government agencies and even private institutions.
Notarial acts may give the document a valid and binding effect. However, the same will only be considered valid within the territorial jurisdiction of the notary public. For example, if you have a certified and authenticated diploma issued in a university in Los Angeles, then you may use the same within Los Angeles or within the United States of America. However, if you plan to pursue another degree or post graduate education in France, Belgium, Austria or any country for that matter, you may need to execute another document or have your diploma certified and authenticated again in the said countries. This may really be a problematic situation. With this problem comes a solution: the Apostille Convention. 
Apostilles are those who are authorized to certify, authenticate or notarize documents in one country and the same document will be valid and binding in countries that are signatory to the Apostille Convention. This means that you won't have to execute another act in your chosen country or in the country where you will have your documents used even though it has been executed on another country. In the example given, you won't have to worry about having your diploma certified or authenticated in France, Belgium or Austria because such document can be used in the said countries without need of any further act to validate the same. Of course you have to keep in mind that only a qualified apostille Los Angeles can execute documents that will be binding in other signatory states.

You also have to keep in mind that the rules on apostille are only effective to the states or countries who are signatories to the Apostille Convention. If your country is not among the 113 signatory states, then you may not be qualified to enjoy the benefits of the said Convention.