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What You Can Do in New Orleans

Thinking of having a tour in New Orleans would be pleasing to imagine but challenging at the same time. The things you can do in New Orleans can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a limited time and do not have a single knowledge on what to do and where to begin. The thing about New Orleans is the fact that it has a lot of activities to offer and places to visit to any tourist or visitor. Wanting to get the overall experience organized can be tedious, but with those tour service providers, it will be much easier.


One of the things to do in nola that can be worth the time is having a stroll in the park, especially if you visit as a family with kids. The New Orleans City Park has been existing since 1854 and from that time on, it has become a gorgeous destination for the people of the city as well as tourists. It can give you the most beautiful view of the South in general. If it is the waters that you prefer, you can take a look at the Aquarium of the Americas in the city and experience the aquatic world first-hand.

Another pride of the New Orleans is a walk on the plantation. Fortunately, there are plantation tours being offered by reputable tour guides and service providers. The antebellum appeal of the plantations of the state of Louisiana would complete a trip to New Orleans. Appreciate the beautiful architecture and rich history with an organized tour to some of the highly regarded plantations in the area, such as the Oak Alley Plantation as well as the Laura Plantation. You can even combine such tours with an airboat swamp ride to further experience the plantation and ecology of the rivers of New Orleans.

Aside from the trip to the nature-side of New Orleans, you can also take on the bus tours that will show you the historical city of New Orleans, especially certain neighborhoods that are shaped through culture and history. Bus tours to the city would include a visit to the French Quarter, a place that showed how French and Spanish cultures have influenced the city in general in the aspect of architecture and construction. You might as well consider having those cemetery tours as you drive around the city to further acknowledge the roots of New Orleans. You can click to find out more about city tours.

There are more activities to do and place to visit in New Orleans than you can imagine, including a more exciting haunted tour to certain parts of the French Quarter and a visit to a World War II museum. You can plan all these on your own through extensive research, but you can also save yourself from all the work through New Orleans tour guides. There are lots of them available but you have to choose the one with experience and reputation.