2017 Annual Troop Summary

You are almost done completing the Annual Troop Summary.  Please click the button below to complete the Outcomes Survey section of the summary.  The Outcomes Survey asks you to indicate, by grade level, the benefits girls may have gained this year as Girl Scouts.

There is much research that documents that girls with good decision-making skills are less likely to engage in risk behaviors. Through the girl planning process and the troop government that is carried out in your troop girls learn and practice a process for making good decisions. The following 15 questions will help provide valuable information to funders wanting to know that the Girl Scout Program helps girls reach the outcomes such as good decision-making skills, positive values and resourceful problem solvers. You are asked if you agree or disagree that the majority of the girls in your troop have reached the outcome based on the sample indicator. Please keep in mind the statements are only samples to give you an idea of what girls actions might look like when they reach the outcome through Girl Scouts.