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Welcome to Navitas English Homestay

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a homestay family with Navitas English at one of our centres in Brisbane, Darwin, Manly, Perth and Sydney.  

Distance to the Navitas English Centre

We can only accept applications from families who are within 45 minutes travel time to the Navitas English centre. Travel time is defined as "door to door" therefore it includes:

1. Time taken to walk from your home to the departure bus stop, train station or ferry wharf
2. Time spent on the mode(s) of transport e.g. bus, train, ferry
3. Time taken to walk to the centre from the arrival bus stop, train station or ferry wharf

Please check with your locations travel/transport advice website to determine if you are within 45 minutes travel time to the centre of your choice:

Navitas English Centres

Centre         Address Travel/Transport Website
Brisbane Ground Floor, East Tower, 410 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000
Darwin Charles Darwin University, Orange 2.2.21, Casurina Campus, Ellengown Drive, Darwin, NT, 0909
Hawthorne Melbourne 442 Auburn Rd, Hawthorne, VIC, 3122
Manly 5-7 Raglan St, Manly, NSW, 2095
Perth 211 Newcastle St, Northbridge, WA, 6003 & 25 Aberdeen St, Northbridge, WA, 6003
Sydney Hyde Park Level 3, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Over 45 minutes total travel time
Please exit the application form as we will not be able to accept you as a homestay family

Under 45 minutes total travel time
Please proceed to the next page and read about the application process and homestay information

Homestay Application Process

The Navitas English Homestay Application process contains a number of stages:

1. Complete the application form and 
submit it to Navitas English. If you cannot complete the form in one session you can save and return to it later via an access link. You will receive a confirmation message telling you we have received your application
(Note: Please ensure you have copies of identification of household members over the age of 18 which you can attach to the application. We accept copies of passport, driving licence and proof of age)

2. Navitas English will assess your application and arrange a visit to your home

If we accept you as a homestay family;

3. Send you an electronic host agreement (terms and conditions) form and ask you to agree to. This form will also include bank details information for payments processes.

4. Ask you and each person over 18 to complete the relevant Working with Children Check for your state.

(If you have any questions about the homestay or the application process you can contact the staff documented on the next page)

Homestay Information

The Navitas English homestay program offers Australian families the unique opportunity to experience cultural diversity and rewarding cultural exchanges without leaving their homes. Navitas English prides itself on the high standard and professionalism of the homestay service it offers to students, who come from all over the world. If you are selected as a homestay family we expect you to maintain those high standards by supplying outstanding homestay experiences to our students. Whilst homestay families are paid to host students, we hope our families seek to become part of the program for reasons other than financial benefit.

Homestay Categories

Navitas English offers students the opportunity to live in 3 types of homestay:

Standard Homestay
*No more than 45 minutes travel time to our centre
*Own furnished room (single, twin and double options are possible)
*Half Board; breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends
*Suitablle for all ages

VIP Homestay
Standard homestay plus:
*Private use bathroom
*Internet/WiFi included

Self-Catered Homestay
Standard homestay with the following differences:
*Weekday breakfast only
*Student may use kitchen facilities
*Limited family interaction
*Not available to under 18s

Homestay families can choose the type(s) of homestay they would like to offer.

Student Arrival
In many cases, Navitas English students will spend their first few days in Australia with their homestay family before starting their course. As such, the homestay family contributes significantly to the students first impression of Navitas English and Australia and also in the settling in to their new environment. It is important that the homestay family makes a good impression and ensures the student feels welcome and comfortable. The following should be done soon after the students arrive:

* Room ready and freshly made bed
* Fresh towel and allow them to take a shower (most students have been travelling for 12-36 hours before arrival)
* Information pack with maps, public transport information, attractions, local facilities, emergency phone numbers, family address and phone numbers
* Offer students something to eat
* Give them a tour of your home
* Give them a key and explain lock up arrangements

Travel Arrangements 
From the Airport

Navitas English will often arrange for students to be picked up from the airport and transported to the homestay however students will sometimes take a taxi, get a lift with family or friends or take public transport to the homestay. Navitas English expects that a family member will be home to welcome the student upon his or her arrival. It is a good idea to monitor the students flight on the internet so that you can see if the student is on time or has been delayed.

To the Navitas English Centre
It is important to orientate the students in the first few days after they arrive including how students travel from their homestay to the school. We expect families to accompany their students at least once on a trip to the school which can be done on the weekend of their arrival or on their first day at school. Please assist the students in buying them an appropriate transport ticket, provide them with timetables and remind them to always have your address with them.

Room Requirements
The minimum student room requirements are:

* A comfortable bed with warm blankets. Spare blankets should also be left in the students room
* Clothes storage and hanging facilities
* Adequate lighting and ventilation e.g. a window that opens
* A reasonable sized study desk, a chair and study lamp
* Ability to close the door to provide privacy. The students door does not need to be lockable however homestay families should not enter the students rooms without first asking permission

Homestay families are required to provide students with breakfast and dinner each day and lunches on weekends (except self-catered homestay where only weekday breakfast needs to be provided).

Breakfast - Families can exercise discretion in line with household practices. For instance if its normal for family members to make their own breakfast, then students should do the same. However if the family are making a family breakfast then it is expected that students will be included.
Lunch (Weekends) - Lunches are expected to be in line with household practices e.g. sandwiches etc.
Dinner - Dinner provides an important interaction between students and the homestay family. It is expected that students will be provided with a generous home cooked meal (e.g. a frozen reheated food is not acceptable) eaten with the family at the dinner table in a social atmosphere in which students may practice their English. Students are advised to inform their family if they will not be home for dinner. 

Note 1: Self Catered Students are only entitled to weekday breakfast. Lunch and dinner are not included in self-catered arrangements
Note 2: Evening students will study during the dinner period therefore it is expected that families discuss the most appropriate arrangements with the student e.g. students might want to take a meal to re-heat with them during their break times at school.

Although most students want to try Australian food, cultural differences must be taken into account when preparing meals. This is particularly so for cultures that prohibit the consumption of certain foods, for example, some Asian and Middle Eastern cultures do not eat pork. The best way to deal with issues surrounding food is to openly communicate with your student. It is often possible to adapt meals slightly to address cultural differences and make students feel more at home.

Telephone and Internet
It is important to discuss the arrangements for telephone and internet use with your student when they arrive. Homestay families are entitled to charge the student a reasonable amount for telephone and internet use (except VIP Homestay). Telephone and internet payments (except VIP Homestay) are arranged between the student and the homestay family.

Telephone: Student may from time to time need to use your telephone. Please discuss with your student the appropriate time to use the phone, charges and whether they should use a calling card
Internet: Students will often expect that families have wireless internet access. Please discuss with your student the usage limits/expectations, when to use the internet for skype etc and the cost of using the internet


Students expect to be live with what they perceive as a "typical" Australian family and expect to stay with an English speaking family to help improve their English language capabilities. We request that all host families speak English at all times when students are at home.

Linen and Washing
Families must provide students with access to laundry facilities and must show them how to use them. Please discuss with the student when they can use laundry facilities and where they need to dry their clothes. Students are responsible for changing their own linen however please ensure that you explain the preferred household routine to the student upon arrival.

Bathroom Use
Students will sometimes come from countries with different bathing habits common to Australia. Students are advised that their showers be restricted to 10 minutes and may be limited to certain times of the day. Please discuss the household routine with the student to avoid any confusion or potential conflict.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
Students are informed of the following but you should discuss these when the students arrive at your homestay

* Students are not to help themselves to alcohol
* Smoking is note permitted inside the house (please inform the students if this is not the case in your home)
* The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. No drugs are to be taken, used or kept in the family home

Homestay families are required to hold appropriate home and contents and public liability insurance for having paid guests in their home. Navitas English advises that families should check with their insurance company to determine if their insurance is sufficient or they should purchase homestay specific insurance.

Navitas English recommends Homestay Host Insurance Plus ( for homestay specific insurance as it is tailored for the requirements of homestay families. Please use code AUS07 when purchsing this insurance as it will immediately notify us that you have purchased the insurance and it will also notify you when your policy is due for renewel.

Navitas English accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or liability suffered as a result of participation in its homestay program.

Payment Arrangements, Extensions, Student Departure  
Homestay payments are made in fortnightly instalments and are made directly into a nominated bank account. The information below are the current Navitas English homestay payment rates: 

Standard Homestay

Type of Homestay Brisbane Darwin Manly Perth Sydney
Homestay Single (over 18) per week $260 $285 $280 $260 $280
Homestay Single (over 18) per day $38 $41 $41 $38 $41
Homestay Shared (over 18) per week $240 $265 $260 $240 $260
Homestay Shared (over 18) per day $35 $38 $38 $35 $38
Homestay Single (under 18) per week $285 $310 $305 $285 $305
Homestay Single (under 18) per day $42 $44 $44 $42 $44
Homestay Shared (under 18) per week $265 $290 $285 $265 $285
Homestay Shared (under 18) per day $39 $42 $42 $39 $42

VIP Homestay

Type of Homestay Brisbane Darwin Manly Perth Sydney
Homestay Single (over 18) per week $320 $345 $340 $320 $340
Homestay Single (over 18) per day $47 $49 $49 $47 $49
Homestay Shared (over 18) per week $300 $325 $320 $300 $320
Homestay Shared (over 18) per day $44 $47 $47 $44 $47
Homestay Single (under 18) per week $345 $370 $365 $345 $365
Homestay Single (under 18) per day $50 $53 $53 $50 $53
Homestay Shared (under 18) per week $325 $350 $345 $325 $345
Homestay Shared (under 18) per day $47 $50 $50 $47 $50

Self-Catered Homestay

Type of Homestay Brisbane Darwin Manly Perth Sydney
Homestay Single (over 18) per week $200 $225 $220 $200 $220
Homestay Single (over 18) per day $29 $32 $32 $29 $32
Homestay Shared (over 18) per week $180 $205 $200 $180 $205
Homestay Shared (over 18) per day $27 $29 $29 $27 $29

Note 1: Fees can vary slightly if the fees received by Navitas English are from the previous calendar year.
Note 2: Homestay families will receive the payment for the type of homestay the student has paid for e.g. Standard Homestay

Whilst every effort is made to confirm bookings with our homestay families due to the nature of our business, occasionally a booking may be changed at short notice. Often this is the consequence of a students visa application being denied or deferred. Should this occur, Navitas English will advise the family as soon as possible. Where a booking is cancelled, Navitas English will endeavour to place another student with the homestay family or give the family priority for another booking. Navitas English does not pay any cancellation fees. We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience to our families however the circumstances giving rise to changes in homestay arrangements are generally out of our control. We hope families understand appreciate that this is one of the dynamics of a business with an international client base.  

Hosting more than one student
Families are allowed to host more than one student at a time but there must be no more than 3 students being hosted at the same time. Homestay families must:

* Inform Navitas English if they are hosting students from another college
* NOT host two students who speak the same language (except if placed in a twin room by Navitas English) including students from separate colleges

Homestay Professional Development
Navitas English is committed to ensuring that homestay families kept informed and knowledgeable about their requirements. Navitas English will:

* Distribute Navitas English homestay newsletters
* Periodically arrange homestay family information/professional development evenings at Navitas English centres
* Provide feedback (where appropriate) to families regarding student experiences and surveys

Host Agreements
Navitas English homestay families are expected to sign or agree electronically to host agreements periodically or when there are significant changes to the terms and conditions/schedules.  

Changes to Details
Homestay families must inform Navitas English if there are any changes to family details and accommodation standards. In particular, families must advise Navitas English if a new adult (including returning adult children) moves into the home. Navitas English must be kept informed of any changes as it may impact on the type of student placed in the homestay. Navitas English will periodically send out requests for information updates including yearly host agreements.

Privacy Policy
The information provided to Navitas English in your application will be used to assess suitability to be a homestay family and if successful the placing of appropriate students. All details will be kept on file and will be treated as confidential. Files will be available upon request. When we place students with a homestay family we will send a short profile including address, telephone number, family members and description of the home to the student/students agent. We will only send this information once an enrolment has been confirmed with us.

Assistance and Counselling
Navitas English accommodation officers are always available to assist you. In addition, Navitas English has interpreters and counsellors of many different nationalities. You should contact Navitas English if you have any concerns at all regarding your students or the homestay program

Student Assitance Line

1.What is the student assistance line?

The student assistance line is a dedicated 24 hour number which students can contact to discuss any situation. It can also be used by stakeholders who have a vested interest in a student e.g. agents, homestay families, emergency services, parents etc

2.What is the number for the student assistance line?

The student assistance line number is 1800 NAVITAS (1800 628 4827)

3.How does the student assistance line work?

When a caller rings the student assistance line, the operator will assess the situation and determine the appropriate solution. For instance if a student called about a course extension the student would be provided with information and Navitas English centres would then contact the student during business hours. Alternatively a student call might be deemed critical therefore the call would be handled by dedicated Navitas English staff immediately.

(Note: Navitas English endeavours to deal with all issues at the time of the call however some incidents cannot be dealt with until business hours)

4.Can homestay families call the student assistance line?

Yes, see below for examples of when to call and when not to call the student assistance line.

5.When should I call the student assistance line?

The student assistance line is a dedicated 24 hour assistance line which can be called if you there are issues with your student(s). The below are examples of when you might need to call the student assistance line:

  • Your student is very sick or has been injured (e.g. admitted to hospital)
  • Your student has gone missing or not returned home. Please ensure that you try to contact the student first
  • Your student has not arrived as advised. Please ensure you check flight arrival information or contact airport pick up companies (if applicable) prior to calling the student assistance line
  • You have an issue with a U18 student
  • You have had a major disagreement with your student
  • You have serious concerns about the well-being of your student

6. When shouldn’t I call the student assistance line?

The student assistance line is a dedicated 24 hour assistance line which should be primarily used for student emergencies. The student assistance line shouldn’t be called in the following situations (please call during business hours):

  • Student extensions or homestay changes e.g. student has given notice to move out
  • Advising Navitas English of room availability
  • Information about the students studies or orientation


Student Services Manager (SSM): Brisbane

The SSM at Navitas English Brisbane is Kaylene Waring. Kaylene manages the homestay and accommodation for the Brisbane centre. If you have any questions while completing the homestay application form she can be contacted on:
07 3031 0500

Student Services Manager (SSM): Darwin

The SSM at Navitas English Darwin is Saee Sardeshmukh. Saee manages the homestay and accommodation for the Darwin centre. If you have any questions while completing the homestay application form she can be contacted on:
08 8946 7073

Student Services Manager (SSM): Manly 
The SSM at Navitas English Manly is David Kusuma. David manages the homestay and accommodation for the Manly centre. If you have any questions while completing the homestay application form she can be contacted on:

02 8234 1451

Student Services Manager (SSM): Perth
The SSM at Navitas English Perth is Emma Reeves. Emma manages the homestay and accommodation for the Perth centre. If you have any questions while completing the homestay application form she can be contacted on:
08 6330 1600

Student Services Manager (SSM): Sydney
The SSM at Navitas English Sydney Aida Kurtovic. Aida manages the homestay and accommodation for the Sydney centre. If you have any questions while completing the homestay application form please contact:

02 8246 6800

Please provide information about all the people (including you) who live in the home. A household member is defined as a person of any age (related or unrelated) who spends over 30 nights per year at the home.

Please attach a document with copies of identification (Passport, Driving Licence or Proof of Age Card) for all family members who are over 18 years of age. Please attach this as a single document e.g. word or PDF. If you do not upload a I.D. document, you will need to provide certified copies upon home inspection

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Navitas English receives students from all over the world. Our aim is to pair up families and students so that they are well matched.

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