Free PHP Form Generator

Instead of programming your PHP form script, sign up for free on 123ContactForm and build your forms easily.

Free PHP Form Generator
Build Great PHP Forms without Writing Code
PHP might sound scary, but it's a useful way to process and validate the data that people enter in your web forms. If you're looking to build forms in PHP, but don't have much coding experience, we have a solution for you. 123ContactForm's free PHP form generator lets you build professional forms in minutes, without downloading or installing anything. We generate the correct code for you automatically. It works like magic, even if you're not tech savvy.

Just sign up for a free 123ContactForm account and use our visual form builder to create a PHP form with the fields you want. When you're done, just choose what fields you need to validate to make sure the data you collect is correct and complete. Then, add the form script we generate to your website code. The code will process all your form submissions and save them to the Submissions section of your 123ContactForm account. 123ContactForms lets you:

✔ Build responsive forms using PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, without any technical knowledge
✔ Dress up your free PHP form with images and brand color schemes
✔ Add your PHP code to any type of platform: web, mobile or social
✔ Share web forms in multiple languages across different channels, including your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, chat and more

Realtime PHP Form Generator

Create the perfect PHP form in minutes

The 123ContactForm PHP form generator lets you build secure forms featuring any fields you want. Start by using free web form templates or build your forms from scratch using a simple visual editor.

The biggest advantage of our free PHP form builder is the ability to customize forms without writing code. We generate the PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript code you need to customize images, colors and form functionality, so you won't have to write a single line of code to create the perfect form. A simple PHP contact form takes just minutes to build with our PHP form generator.

When you're done building the form you need, just copy the code we generated for you and publish it on your website or other channels. Soon, you'll start receiving submissions in your inbox.

Make your PHP forms look great

Whether you're a total beginner or a polished developer, 123ContactFrom's free PHP form generator gives you the flexibility to create professional-looking forms, fast.

It's easy to customize everything about your form with the free PHP form generator, from the visual theme to conditional logic and security settings. You can also smoothly connect your PHP forms to the other systems you use, including CRMs, payment processors, mailing systems and other third party apps, all with just a couple of clicks.
Custom PHP Forms
Multichannel PHP Forms Generator

Get feedback from anywhere

You can publish your PHP forms everywhere your users are. Just copy the form code we create for you and paste it into any website, blog or social platform: WordPress, Facebook, Joomla, Wix, Blogger, Hootsuite, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Twitter. You can also share a link with your users so they can fill out the form on our website. Basically, you can collect feedback through the platform your users prefer.

The code we create will automatically send all form responses to your email inbox, so you always know what your visitors are saying. Our PHP forms can also trigger custom email notifications and tailor automatic responses to form data.

We can help you create and customize any type of PHP form, including contact forms, online order forms, quizzes, polls, online surveys, event registration forms and much more. We store all of your data securely in your 123ContactForm account repository, so you and your customers never have to worry about a thing. All form submissions are collected into customized reports and charts, so you can get a quick glance at your data or build an in-depth understanding of what users are telling you. You can even create sub-accounts to give your clients access to specific segments of data they might need to know.

Why go to the trouble of coding a PHP form when you can just build it with 123ContactForm? You'll save a ton of time and be able to focus on other, more important aspects of your business.