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123Formular.deWords like “German” and “Germany” sure bring some visuals into our minds, some of which definitely fall under the head of the culinary sector. But besides Oktoberfest, Weisswurst and Weizenbier, German people are also known for key characteristics like punctuality, effectiveness, seriosity and dedication regarding their business. And now, they have a tool to help them be even more efficient: 123Formular, the new German version of 123ContactForm which enables creating easy-to-use online forms, web surveys, polls and quizzes. So let’s say a warm “Willkommen” and “Viel Glueck, 123Formular”!

After the Dutch 123Formulier, the new German sibling of 123ContactForm goes even further into the European market. While having the same features, intuitive interface and great usability as the original product, 123Formular offers German users a plus by translating the service in their native language, as well as by relying on a local customer support team. Not to forget that 123Formular is updated every time his big brother is too.

So whether you’re a small business, a NPO, a business consultant, a trainer or a web designer, if you operate on the German market, 123Formular is there for you. Of course we’ve adapted our product to the local environment, that is why we have integrated, for example, specific payment processors such as Sisow.

Create your contact form, your customer satisfaction survey or your lead gathering form as “schnell” as you can say 1-2-3 (spelled “eins-zwei-drei” in German). You still don’t need any coding skills to create and publish a web form on your website, blog or Facebook page. And you do have all the cool integrations with 3rd party business apps which made 123ContactForm popular among worldwide users.

We’d like to thank PohlMedia Distribution, because those are the great guys we have partnered with in order to be present on the German market. For any technical questions regarding 123Formular, the local German speaking team offers support by email 24/7. So let’s raise the glass of Weizenbier, say Cheers and hope for a great collaboration further on.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms, surveys, polls and online quizzes.

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