How 123ContactForm Handles Feature Requests

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Whether it’s a tweet that says “@123ContactForm thanks for making my life easier”, a message with opinions or suggestions on live chat or an email, getting feedback from our users is very important to us. Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes negative, but that’s ok. We appreciate and listen to our users and we work hard to meet everyone’s needs.

We gather feedback from a variety of sources:

Customer contact: customers contact us regarding pleasure or pain points.

Support team: through our support team, we do our best to offer solutions tailored to users’ present or potential needs and challenges. If you ever need help with anything, you have questions or suggestions, feel free to send an email to

Metrics: analyzing in-product usage data and conducting experiments.

We have over 900k users spread in 186 countries, so we do receive a tremendous amount of feedback. That’s why evaluating changes, making improvements and implementing new features may be a longer process.

Feature requests

If you want to suggest new features or you have improvement requests for our platform, we encourage you to share Feature Requests.

Right now you can share a feature request by telling a support member or by submitting a public feature request on our DOCS section:

I’ve submitted a Feature Request. What happens next?

In the DOCS section, users can vote upon a desired feature. However, votes are only a part of the process.

In the process of reviewing feature requests we take into account various aspects such as:

Frequency and popularity– We take into consideration how frequent and how many times a suggestion for improvement or a request for a new feature has been submitted/ which are the ones that gathered popularity.

Relevance and Importance– We evaluate what is really important and try to read between the lines to find out what users actually need. Maybe there are features that some users say they want, but is that really what they need? And are those features necessary? Would a new feature help the majority of our users?

Challenges and Limitations– We analyze the impact that a feature may have on both users and the product. Will the feature bring security issues? Is it scalable? Furthermore, do we have the necessary resources to fulfill the technical requirements of a feature so it would ultimately work well? Or could those resources be used more efficiently?

Product roadmap– We have a  roadmap that lines up certain tasks in queue. According to our sorting process, we  weigh which requests are aligned with our long-term product plans. Moreover, we take into account the availability of our team, required effort and priorities.

Thank you for getting in touch and for sharing your great ideas!

Whether you need to create contact forms, online order forms, online registration forms or you need a free survey maker, you know you can count on 123ContactForm. We continuously seek to improve and your feedback is an important part of the process.  So, we really appreciate you taking your time and putting thought into these suggestions and feature requests and we look forward to receiving more!        

Do you want to share a feature request now?

Claudia Borceanu
Claudia Borceanu
is a Social Media Community Manager at 123ContactForm. She manages our social media presence and contributes to the overall communication strategy. Claudia loves nature, music, reading, traveling and learning new things.

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