5 Examples of Using Zapier to Connect Your Web Forms and Third Party Apps- Part 2

123ContactForm and Zapier

At 123ContactForm, we are aware that  every business has different goals and demands and needs specific tools to handle certain tasks. That’s why we continuously strive to provide the very best solutions to cater to those needs.

A while ago, we wrote a blog post on third party apps and how to use Zapier to connect your web forms and apps that are not on our list of third party integrations. So now that you know how  to use 123ContactForm on Zapier and we already gave you a few examples of apps you can connect to 123ContactForm, let’s see some more.


By using Zapier for connecting WebMerge to 123ContactForm you can streamline your paperwork processes and generate different types of documents such as PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations from web form submissions. Here’s how you can use Webmerge to generate and sign agreements from 123ContactForm.



If you are a small business owner and you’re using Infusionsoft for sales and marketing automation, through Zapier you’ll be able to conveniently connect 123ContactForm to your sales & marketing software. Once you’ve set it up, contacts will be created or updated in your Infusionsoft account for every new 123ContactForm submission that you’ve received. Just like that, your customer data list will be automatically maintained.


Shopify makes eCommerce simple. Add 123ContactForm into the mix by using Zapier and you’ll be able to create customers each time a new 123ContactForm submission comes in. Find the 123ContactForm integration with Shopify here.



ProjectManager helps you manage your projects easily and efficiently. Connect it to 123ContactForm using Zapier to add a new Task in ProjectManager and track customer relationships once a submission is made in 123ContactForm. Find the integration on Zapier.



Are you using Magento as your preferred eCommerce platform? Connect it to 123ContactForm using Zapier to add new Magento customers through form submissions. Here you’ll find the integration on Zapier.


We’ll stop here for now but you should know that there are still many other third party apps you can connect with 123ContactForm by using Zapier. Here’s the full list of available apps.

Are there any other ways you’re using 123ContactForm and Zapier? Don’t be selfish, share ’em with us in the comments below.


Claudia Borceanu
Claudia Borceanu
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