Can users save and resume a form submission?

Yes, users can save an incomplete form submission and continue filling out the form at a later time. To enable this feature, go to SettingsAdvanced and check the option Allow respondents to save the submission and resume later.

Save and Resume Form Submissions

A new button will show up at the bottom of your form: Save for later. When clicking it, users will be given a link and instructions for using it.

Save and resume form submission

When accessing the link, users will see the form with the content they have already filled out. They simply need to continue filling out the form and click Update Submission when they are finished.

The link for resuming the entry is also sent by email to form respondents. Just select the email field from your form in the Reply-to-email dropdown in Notifications.


When you send an email with the link so customers can resume filling out their form, the address they receive it from is 123Contactform. I would like to change that address to my address. I think they probably wont notice it in their in-box. How can we change that?

February 17, 2016 03:22

    Hi Esther,

    This is only available for submissions that are filled.

    The address they receive the link to finish filling their form can’t be changed at this time.

    February 18, 2016 07:55

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