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Streamline recruitment process use case

Streamling The Recruitment Process

A British NPO who focuses on education for people with special educational needs and disabilities increases their team by 200 additional professionals.
Enterprise forms - use case - processing orders

Processing Orders More Efficiently

A large, multinational manufacturing company with over 20 000 employees updated the manual processing of paper form orders to a digital solution.
Enterprise forms - use case - marketing and lead generation

Enhancing Marketing Campaigns

A large, European technology service provider focused on SaaS and professional services improves their marketing campaign management.
Enterprise forms - use case - optimizing medical flows

Optimizing Pre-Surgical Flows

A bariatric surgery clinic chain redesigns the entire pre-surgical process automating patient data collection.
Enterprise forms - use case - optimizing cataract evaluation appointment

Optimizing a Cataract Evaluation Appointment

A US Ophthalmology clinic relies on online forms to optimize the time spent creating appointments and collecting useful patient information.
Enterprise forms - use case - MRI workflow

Redesigning the MRI Workflow

A US Imaging diagnostic center optimizes its appointment and patient interaction workflow and increases revenue by more than $2.1M per Year.
Enterprise forms - use case - optimizing pre-surgical flows

Accelerating Compliance for Healthcare Forms

A Healthcare provider secures data, doubles patient engagement and increases conversion by 33% with HIPAA compliant form creation.
Enterprise forms - use case - utility applications

Making utility applications more accessible

US based Energy Platform is the only comprehensive cloud-based software that allows users to access rebate data in real-time for all of North America.
Practical use of HIPAA forms - whitepaper

Practical Use of HIPAA-Compliant Forms For Healthcare Institutions

All Healthcare Organisations that handle patient information can benefit from secure, HIPAA Compliant online forms.
Secure patient data collection - whitepaper

Securely Gathering Patient Data The HIPAA Compliance Guide

Gathering, storing and handling patient information is one of the most important administrative tasks within the healthcare industry.
Emergency Medical Forms - use case District of Columbia

District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department

With over 150.000 calls per year, the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department needs optimal communication flows.