Tuesday Template: Evaluate Team Performance with a 360 Degree Feedback Form

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Tuesday Template: Evaluate Team Performance with a 360 Degree Feedback Form

Optimizing team communication and performance might prove tricky if you do not pay attention to the internal behaviors that occur between the members of your team. It’s essential in any organization for its members to be satisfied with their work and the ones provided by their colleagues. Strengths and weaknesses are not to be played with, but to learn from in order to build a better tomorrow. Now that I’ve added a romantic note to this article, let me present to you a digital solution for human resources and industrial psychologists, that will improve team communication, adjust team behavior and – why not, increase productivity.

What do you know about a 360 degree feedback process?

The 360 degree feedback may be referred to as multi-rater feedback, multi-source feedback, or multi-source assessment. It’s basically a process in which members of a team evaluate each other with the help of a survey form. Members who participate in the 360 degree feedback are managers, employees and sometimes customers.

The 360 degree feedback process is beneficial at an organizational, individual and team level. It helps each individual to understand his/her personality from an external perspective, therefore revealing development needs. It improves communication between the members of the team, increasing teamwork involvement. And at an organizational level, the 360 degree feedback process improves the career development of its employees.

Here’s an example of a 360 degree feedback form:
360 degree feedback form example

In the past, human resources had to deal with a lot of paperwork that took time and effort to compile the 360 degree feedback process. But now things have evolved and this process has moved to the digital environment, where employees can evaluate themselves and each other within minutes.

The 360 degree feedback form includes questions that are answered on a rating scale, but also questions that need to be answered with a personal comment. When used digitally, the 360 degree feedback form can process all answers in seconds and generate a report that helps management understand the outcomes of the feedback process better and more precise.

You can publish the 360 degree feedback form anywhere online and collect responses by email and in your form’s database, from where you can use the list and the generated graphs in your next meeting with the team.

To optimize your 360 degree feedback process, all you need to do is access the 360 degree feedback form template page. Create an account with 123ContactForm and the template is yours to use.

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