Accepting Payments In Square With 123ContactForm

square payments web form integration

Great news! You can now receive payments in your Square account through the online order forms that you create with 123ContactForm. It’s easy to use and your customers may pay you by swiping their cards through the Square Reader. Payment processing is done fast and everyone is happy!

If you’re a loyal Square customer and addicted to building payment forms on 123ContactForm, don’t miss the chance to enable the Square integration and start processing transactions right away. Here are the steps on doing so:

  1. Go to SettingsPayments.
  2. square integration for web order forms

  3. Click the Payment Processors tab.
  4. Press the Payment gateway drop down.
  5. Select Square.
  6. square payment gateway web form integration guide

  7. Hit Add payment gateway.
  8. square order form integration

  9. Click the Connect to Square button on the payment gateway box.
  10. creating order forms with square payments integration

  11. Add the credentials of your Square account.
  12. square login web form integration

  13. Select the location of the payment.
  14. Enable.
  15. Save settings.

The connection between the two services is done via OAuth and payments are processed on Square’s side. After your customers have submitted your order form, they will be redirected on a checkout page from Square to complete payments in a secure environment.

123contactForm provides quality features for online payment transactions such as an intuitive and easy form editor where you can create your payment form, advanced pricing calculations, markups, discounts, coupon codes, payment notifications and live payment summaries. Don’t miss out on a great deal for your business by using both 123ContactForm and Square in online payment processing.

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