Top Producer: Collect real estate leads through your web forms


Our list of third party integrations continues to expand! The newest integration is with Top Producer, the most intuitive real estate CRM on the web. The contact information collected through your 123ContactForm web forms will be added to your Top Producer lists with every form submission.

Top Producer Integration

To gear up the integration with Top Producer for your lead generation form, go to your SettingsApplications section. Select Top Producer in the dropdown list and press Add. 123ContactForm generates a username that you will need in a second to set up the integration on the Top Producer side. This username contains your original 123ContactForm username and the ID of the form for which you set up the integration.

The next part is done in the Top Producer interface. Log in to your account, go to the Settings section, click on the tab Contacts and then on Lead Setup. The link Add Lead Provider opens a new section where you need to type the 123ContactForm information. Select 123ContactForm in the Lead provider name dropdown; the URL box will be completed automatically. In the Username box, paste the username generated by 123ContactForm. Next, provide and confirm your password and select the person whom the leads created with the integration are meant for. Press Add Lead Provider and you’re done here.

Top Producer Integration

Back to the 123ContactForm Settings section, click on Customize to open the customization lightbox and create field associations. Match the Top Producer fields listed on the left side of the box with 123ContactForm fields. Select the latter in the dropdown lists provided. Email, First Name and Last Name are required fields; all the rest are optional.

User information will now be transmitted from your 123ContactForm web forms to your Top Producer account. Enjoy!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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