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Contact form generator

Build free contact forms, lead generation forms
and mailing list registration forms.

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Online survey tool

Create online surveys, polls, quizzes and questionnaires with our
free online survey tool.

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Secure order forms

Integrate any order form on your website. Sell through Paypal,
Google Checkout and

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Create a free online event registration form and
workshop registration form.

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Platform integration

Make any Facebook contact form and Blogger contact form.
Use contact forms on Wordpress.

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3rd Party Integrations

Link your online forms with MailChimp, SalesForce, Google
Docs, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups and other applications.

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Online form builder

Real-time Form Builder

Use 123ContactForm free form builder to create powerful online web forms in 3 easy steps. No programming skills are required, just drag and drop fields on your web form.

Email Notifications

Receive instant emails when someone completes your online form. Setup your web form to automatically send a custom confirmation message or autoresponder.
Instant contact form notification
Online applications integration

3rd Party Integration

Link your contact form with other online services. Add email addresses to your MailChimp mailing lists, send leads to SalesForce, keep your submissions in Google Docs spreadsheets.

Payment Integration

Integrate one or more payment processors with your order form and sell anything you want without having a shopping cart. Make order forms with Paypal integration, Google Checkout forms and web forms.
Paypal and Google Checkout integration
SSL encryption contact form security

Form Security

Protect your order forms with a SSL certificate. Fight form submission spam with Captcha images, block submissions from any country and create password protected HTML forms.

Reports and Charts

Visualize your online form submissions as reports and charts. Don't waste your time digging through numbers, get the whole picture from a single report. You can also make them public for general view.
HTML form submission report
23737720 Delivered Form Submissions
Joseph Vito DeLuca
In the marketing department, we fulfill a lot of internal requests. The forms are a way for other team members to submit requests and a...