About us

123ContactForm is a service developed by a young enthusiastic team located in Timisoara, Romania, EU. Founded in 2008, 123ContactForm has become a worldwide top class online form and survey builder.

Mission: To provide a quality cost-effective solution that allows anybody to build web or mobile forms and surveys as easy as 1-2-3.
Vision: To incorporate a web form on every website.
Core values: ease of use, attention to details, quality customer support, team synergy

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Florin Cornianu
Cofounder & CEO

Florin participated in every piece of the 123ContactForm puzzle. From marketing to financials, from planning to support, nothing felt better to him than actually coding a feature. He likes soccer and strategy games.
Tudor Bastea
Cofounder & CTO

Tudor is the brain behind 123ContactForm. At any given time of day, he is able to pinpoint any function within the code in seconds. He loves rock music and he is a passionate soccer player.
Alexandra Draghici
Project Manager

Alexandra tracks our project evolution while acting as a link between departments. When she is not doing this, she's teaching English, swimming or having long, fervent talks over loads of coffee.
Raul Molnar
Senior Web Developer

Raul's extensive development experience makes it hard at times to prepare the next specification sheet on time. He dedicates his free time to his lovely wife and daughter, and he's got an amazing sense of humor.
Nicolae Micle
Web Developer

Nicolae's development skills are an excellent addition to our team. He is reponsible for the latest 123ContactForm features and 3rd party integrations. In his free time, he pursues his passion for design.
Iulian Bojinca
Web Developer

Iulian's vast programming experience and framework expertise are the right ingredients for the 123ContactForm mix. He is very keen on martial arts and his dream is to play in a rock band.
Alexandru Berce
Web Developer

Alexandru's backend development skills help us scale our service as it grows better and better day by day. In his free time, he likes mixing music in the club and playing MMORPG games.
Quality Assurance
Claudiu Pirvanescu
Head of QA

Claudiu's analytical mindset and unyielding tenacity are highly important assets for the quality of our service. He likes travelling, playing soccer and reading classical and historical novels.
Dorina Chifor
QA Specialist

Dorina's technical and communication skills make her the perfect middleman between our support and development teams. Dorina likes taking trips in the mountains, riding her bike and going to the theater.
Bogdan Burcea
QA Specialist

Bogdan's travelling experience helps him understand with ease the requirements and needs of people from various cultures. He likes computer games and hanging out with friends.
Customer Support & Sales
Cristi Zlavog
Head of Customer Support & Sales

Cristi is one of the fastest learners we have ever met while also being a dedicated trainer for the newest members of his team. His working abilities are surpassed only by his DOTA skills.
Petru Zegheanu
Senior Support Specialist

Petru's attention to details and passion for computers help him guide users in making the best out of the most hidden features of our form builder. He loves instrumental music and reading.
Nadia Negoita
Support Specialist

Nadia's technical background and analytical skills are of great help when assisting users in discovering and using our service. She overwhelms us with joy even when we're having a stressful time at the office.
Costina Coman
Key Account Manager

Costina's sales background and negotiation skills help us tailor the best offers for our users, based on their specific needs. She is a huge fan of traveling, sightseeing and shopping.
Madalin Crestescu
Support Specialist

Madalin's communication skills and great wits help him provide answers to our users' technical questions in the shortest time. He tries to sleep as much as possible and likes to work out at the gym.
Andreea Grigoras
Support Specialist

Andreea's social skills and human interaction abilities make it very easy for her to solve customer requests. She is fond of modern gadgets and she is a very passionate darts player.
Marketing & PR
Laura Moisei
Head of Marketing & PR

Laura's sales and media background is a breath of fresh air for the marketing and brand management of 123ContactForm. In her spare time, she likes watching short films and documentaries.
Adina Toma
Senior Marketing Specialist

Adina's extensive marketing and SEO know how contribute to the success of our go to market strategy. In her free time, Adina loves to swim and to eat huge amounts of dark chocolate.
Olivian Stoica
Content Manager

Olivian is 50% engineer and 50% poet. He knows our platform by heart and describes it in an accessible language in our Help & Documentation section. In his spare time, he is also half music composer.
Sabina Stoiciu
PR Specialist

Sabina's passion for PR and marketing helps the 123ContactForm service gain valuable exposure on niched blogs and tech news websites. Sabina loves sports and wants to travel around the world.
Investors & Advisors
Adrian Gheara
Investor & Board Advisor

Adrian's vast web and product development experience turned 123ContactForm into the top class web solution that it is today. Partnering with him was one of the best decisions taken by Florin and Tudor.
Radu Ticiu
Executive Director at Timisoara Software Business Incubator

Radu's daily activity revolves around helping IT startups, like 123ContactForm, spread their wings. His network of contacts and his out-of-the-box ideas are always appreciated.
George M. Etheridge
Executive Director at American Business Mentoring

George helps us understand the US market better. His sales and marketing skills, along with his business development history, have a great impact on 123ContactForm.

For support issues, please visit our Help & Documentation section. If you can't find the answer there, please contact us using our contact form.