Web Design Business Adds Zest to Their Projects Using 123ContactForm

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January 9, 2013
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Web Design Business Adds Zest to Their Projects Using 123ContactForm

Greg Fry

This post is part of the 123ContactForm’s Customer Spotlight series, where our users step in to tell the story. How do businesses use form intelligence to manage their workflow as easy as 1-2-3? Read on and find out!

Santa Clarita Website Design (formerly known as Your Drawing Board) is a small Californian web design agency with a grand portfolio. Started out in the early 2000’s as a hobby business of Greg Fry, who used to create websites for his friends in the music industry, the company now counts hundreds of completed projects: sites for local radio stations, brick-and-mortar businesses and local state authorities.

Greg Fry, the owner and lead designer of SCWD, knows that each new website that comes out of his hands needs to be 100% functional, look handsome and welcome visitors with a friendly contact method. “All websites should have a contact form for ease of use” Greg says. From nice form design to easy view of responses, customers need to have it all.

SCWD’s team is keen on creating every website element in-house, to make sure they deliver only genuine quality to their customers. However, they quickly realized that the task of coding custom forms for each project was a time thief and a never-ending headache, as the manually written script they used to adapt was constantly returning awkward errors. With little time on their side and so many projects rolling out, they realized form automation is the key to success.

After trying out several web form building services, the team found 123ContactForm. The simple user interface and flexible form editor won the team’s trust.

Using 123ContactForm, SCWD created forms and surveys for all purposes at just a fraction of the time their coding would have taken. Contact forms (tens of them!), forms where visitors could opt-in for newsletter subscription, volunteer recruitment forms, surveys of multiple pages with conditional logic, event registration forms – each of them was ready in a few clicks. Submissions are easily accessible in the cloud, and Greg also uses to print graphical reports to hand out to interested customers.

Branding everything about their forms is easy. SCWD uses custom themes and inserts the appropriate logo within the form, then fine tunes the appearance with custom CSS to make sure forms are 100% branded for their destination website. Real time form updating is of great help for Greg: “I enjoy the fact that I can change the form from wherever I am, via the web, and not have to enter the websites to make changes”.

In one year, 123ContactForm helped the business save hundreds of hours in man work by taking out the form coding hassle, and considerably eased the job of SCWD’s designers. It seems like forms have become a sweet spot for each website owner: “All of my clients love their forms!” says the owner of Santa Clarita Website Design.

Many thanks to Greg Fry for helping us outline this article. If you want to reach out to him about his business or how he uses 123ContactForm, you can drop him a line on his website.