We Have a New Office!

Our Team Has Two New Internationals!
November 3, 2015
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November 11, 2015

We Have a New Office!


Last week we said goodbye to our old office, the one that has been hosting our company since 2011. The wonderful establishment served as a home, a party venue, game arena, football stadium, birthday setting and other events.

Hello new office! This happened due to a large increase in the number of employees over time, a number that overtook the office’s capacity. And now we moved to a palace! The Flavia Palace to be more precise. Check it out!

Moved to a new office 1 alt

Moved to a new office 2 alt

Moved to a new office 3 alt

Moved to a new office 4 alt

Moved to a new office 5 alt

The new office was decorated by Ezzo. If you want to see more pictures, visit our Facebook page.

Alex Balan
Alex Balan
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