Event Registration Form

Create free online event registration forms as easy as 1-2-3
using 123ContactForm event registration software

Online event registration is a true blessing for event management. It's quick to set up, fun to fill out and really easy to manage. Whenever you need to get a neat guest list for your event, online registration software can handle the job, while you focus on other important tasks.
Online event registration form - quick & clean & easy
  • Quick. With professional online registration software, you can get your event registration form done in no time. 123ContactForm web form builder for creating event registration forms works on a drag & drop basis and allows you to reach your guests through various channels: social platforms, your own website or direct links. As soon as a visitor fills out your form, you've got a new name added to your guest list.

  • Clean. All of the information that you request from your guests will be automatically centralized and structured. Nothing will get mixed up or omitted and you will have an accurate overview of the registration status at all times. Reliable online registration tools help you stay prepared and welcome each one of your guests with confidence.

  • Easy. Online registration software spares time and effort for both you and your guests. You can leave behind the traditional event registration process - just set up your event registration form and receive the complete guest list. Your guests need not confirm attendance by phone or by email anymore. They only have to complete your form - which may require as little as their names - and press Send. You can even build a multi-language event registration form!
The event
Online event registration forms are suitable for any type of event - from birthday parties, to team building events, small workshops or any large-scale conference. Similar online forms can be used to collect feedback in the follow-up phase of an event.

Since you're asking guests to register, you may want to remind them what your event is about. With 123ContactForm free online registration software, you can provide that information in customized HTML blocks - no coding skills required. You can also add images and Google Maps, to give any necessary instructions.

Event registration forms can be customized in terms of appearance, as well. Choose from our 30+ themes or create your own one. This way, the feeling inspired by your registration form will be in accordance with the event profile.
The guests
The information that you collect from your guests can range from the minimum needed - a name and implicit confirmation - to anything that is relevant for planning the event.
  • Basic information. In terms of contact data, 123ContactForm event registration software provides Name, Phone, Email and Address fields. Thanks to the integrated field validation, you'll get precisely the information that you ask for.

  • Additional information. Maybe you want to know how many persons will be accompanying the guests who register directly. Or what food, drink or band your guests prefer. In this case, you can use Dropdown Lists, Radio Buttons or Checkboxes to have them choose an option or specify a different one.
Besides these common situations, you can turn your registration form into a powerful online order form (a PayPal, Authorize.Net or Google Checkout order form) and collect participation fees.
Spread the word!
Once your event registration form is ready, start inviting people to register.
  • Your own website. Embed the event registration form on your website. Choose from among 6 different options, including lightbox publishing.
  • Facebook. Get the news out on Facebook using the 123ContactForm application for Facebook.
  • Twitter. Your online registration form can be set to send a tweet from your Twitter account for every new entry.
  • Wordpress & Blogger. Publish the event registration form on your blog.
  • Google Sites. Use your Google Sites page to invite guests to register.
  • Wix websites. Create an event registration form for your Wix site and book seats as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Direct links. Host your online registration form on the 123ContactForm website and send direct links to your future attendees by email or by messenger.
So who's coming?
123ContactForm online event registration software provides multiple ways of viewing and managing registration entries.
  • Receive each event registration entry by email.
  • View all event registration entries in the 123ContactForm database.
  • Export your guest list as a CSV/Excel file.
  • Send your guest list to Google Docs spreadsheets, to share it quickly.
You can automatically add your guests' email addresses to your Mailchimp lists or Google Groups. You should also build an online survey to receive feedback.

P.S.: If you represent a church, a school or any non-profit organization, contact us to get a 20% discount (plus 15% if you choose a Yearly plan).