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Use the 123ContactForm free PHP form generator to get your PHP form script with a few clicks!

Free PHP Form Generator
How It Works
If you're looking to create forms in PHP, but lack the experience, generate them with some clicks. With the 123ContactForm free PHP form generator, you can build professional PHP forms in a jiffy without installing any software on your PC. It works like magic even if you don't have any technical skills - the form code is generated automatically.

Sign up for the 123ContactForm PHP form generator and use the WYSIWYG form builder to add your preferred fields to the form. Afterwards set validations with some clicks and copy the final script on your web page to publish the PHP form. The form builder processes all your form submissions in PHP and saves them in your Submissions section.

✔ Generate responsive PHP forms with built-in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript code - without any technical knowledge
✔ Customize your free PHP form with custom images and color schemes
✔ Embed the generated PHP form code on any platform type
✔ Deploy your free PHP forms to your multilingual and cross-channel audience e.g. Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Chat etc.

Realtime PHP Form Generator

Generate your PHP forms without coding in minutes

The 123ContactForm PHP form generator allows you to build secure PHP forms with any type of custom fields. Start by using ready-made free form templates or build your PHP forms from scratch using our simple drag & drop editor.

The real beauty of our free PHP form builder is the simplicity that it gives you to generate customized PHP forms with built-in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. You don't have to write any line of code or to hire a web professional to code it for you! Take for example a simple PHP contact form. It takes less time to build it with the 123ContactForm PHP form generator.

When you're done, just copy the generated PHP form code and publish it on your website or anywhere else and start receiving submissions in your email box!

Customize your PHP forms

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a polished developer, the 123ContactFrom's free PHP form generator gives you flexibility to generate professional-looking PHP forms within minutes.

Your PHP forms can be customized in any way: from the PHP form theme to conditional logic and security settings - our free PHP form generator makes it very easy to tweak anything.

You can also integrate your PHP forms with CRMs, payment processors, mailing systems and other 3rd party apps, most of them with just a couple of clicks.
Custom PHP Forms
Multichannel PHP Forms Generator

Publish your PHP form

Your PHP forms can be published anywhere. Copy the generated PHP form code and paste it in your HTML webpages, as well as on blogs and social platforms like: Wordpress, Facebook, Joomla, Wix, Blogger, Hootsuite, ExactTarget, Twitter. You can also simply share the PHP form link with users.

The PHP form code sends submissions to your mailbox automatically. PHP email forms can also trigger custom email notifications and confirmation messages (autoresponders).

You can create any type of PHP forms, starting with contact forms, online order forms, quizzes, polls, online surveys, event registration forms, and store your data securely in your 123ContactForm's account repository. The form submissions are aggregated into customized reports and charts. You can also create sub-user accounts and give different access levels to your clients.

Why create your form in PHP when you can generate it with the 123ContactForm PHP form generator? You'll have more time to focus on other aspects of your website.