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January 11, 2010
123ContactForm goes magic :)
April 20, 2010

In October 2009, we released a very popular feature: Paypal Integration. Using it, vendors are now able to sell goods using the forms built with 123ContactForm.

Recently, somebody told us about a major problem of selling things using Paypal: it does not allow to automatically send an email to the customer. This is very unpleasant, especially for those who sell digital content (ebooks, software), as they have to manually send the download links, instead of having it automatically solved.

So, we decided to search for a solution, and we found it. Starting today, our customers that use Paypal order forms are able to enter the details (subject & body) of an email that will be automatically sent to the buyers. Basically it’s a Paypal payment notification email bases on Paypal’s IPN platform. Just go to the Payment Integration settings of your form, enter email’s subject & body, and enable this new feature.

Here is a preview of this feature:

New users:

Follow the guide for Paypal Integration to start using 123ContactForm services including the Paypal payment notification email.

Alexandra Draghici
Alexandra Draghici
is the Project Manager of 123ContactForm. She tracks our project development and acts as a link between departments. Alexandra likes web technologies and teaching online and offline.