Choose an Image! Radio Buttons with Images

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Choose an Image! Radio Buttons with Images


Radio Buttons with ImagesWe’ve got a fresh out of the box feature! You can now use images as options in your radio buttons list. They come in handy for various purposes: to request users’ opinion on graphic identity elements, to showcase your product list, to build vivid survey fields on any topic.

To take the first situation as our case scenario, let’s imagine that a company named 123ContactForm is in search for a new logo. They have come up with four logo suggestions, but can’t decide which one to pick out. So the company launches a survey in the community built around their service, to request users’ take on the subject and make a choice.

Radio buttons with images are set up in the same way a regular radio buttons list is: Go to your Form Editor and drag a radio buttons field to your main view. Then, provide the available choices. Instead of typing in textual options, paste the images URLs – as usual, on separate rows. The images will show up in your main view and you can set them to be displayed on one, two or three columns, or side by side.

Radio buttons fields with images as options add visual impact to your forms and surveys. They help establish a friendlier relationship with users and express in a better way the message you want to convey. Log in or sign up for a 123ContactForm account and get familiar with our new feature.

Alexandra Draghici
Alexandra Draghici
is the Project Manager of 123ContactForm. She tracks our project development and acts as a link between departments. Alexandra likes web technologies and teaching online and offline.