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Free Joomla Contact Form Builder

The forms that you create with the 123ContactForm online form builder can be published as easy as 1-2-3 on your Joomla website. We have a special extension that makes it extremely quick and safe to get your forms on Joomla. The free Joomla forms that you create with 123ContactForm will help you reach website visitors in no time. Receive feedback, orders, registration requests and much more!

Free Joomla Forms

Free Joomla contact forms

With our free Joomla form builder, you can create not only contact forms, but also order forms, surveys, event registration forms and any other type of web form.
Free Joomla Contact Form Builder

Our extension for Joomla

To publish your free Joomla forms, download the 123ContactForm Joomla extension and follow the simple guildelines in our Help & Documentation section.
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Your free Joomla contact forms can be customized in any way you wish: from layout to the color scheme, to fonts and your company logo – anything can be tweaked.
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Case study. Willow Management LLC is a web design agency that uses web forms with various features on their clients' websites.

“123ContactForm is great! Their design integration works nicely and customer service is excellent.”
(Colby Clements, Owner)